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English Department

Departmental Introduction:

The English Department offers a broad curriculum in an attempt to meet the needs of all students. English 9 and 10 are required courses and will teach basic skills in composition, grammar, language, and literature. Courses are offered for three ability levels in ninth grades and three ability levels in tenth grade.

The elective program is designed to provide a wider choice for upperclassmen. One semester of United States Literature is required. Courses are available to fit the needs, interests, and abilities of all students. The degree of difficulty is indicated as college preparatory , regular, or less demanding. Courses in speech, composition, language, and literature are provided for all levels of ability. By choosing carefully, students may secure a broad background in English and may improve in any areas of weakness that they have. The year courses-- College Preparatory 11 and College Preparatory 12-- require and "A"
or "B" in English the preceding year, although a student with a "C" average may take the course with the recommendation of his current teacher.

The honors program offers able students more demanding year courses. There is more dedication to learning and more self-discipline on the part of the participants. Entrance is by recommendation only. Acceptance is voluntary. Admittance to this program will be based upon teacher and counselor recommendations.

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English Department

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