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Mount Vernon High School

Excellence In Education

Special Education Department

Special Education Department

Jacklyn LeMaster, Department Head, Co-teacher Algebra 
Lori Daniels, Intervention Specialist, Co-teacher English 10
Stacie McGuire, Intervention Specialist, Co-teacher Geometry and Algebra
Nate Hunt, Intervention Specialist, Co-teacher English 11
Andrew Johnson, Intervention Specialist, Digital Academy
Karen Donadio, Intervention Specialist, Math and Science
Jessica Evans, Intervention Specialist, English and Social Studies
Don Foos, Intervention Specialist, All content areas
Jessica Mather, Moderate to Intensive, All content areas


Mrs. Karen Donadio
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5681
Mrs. Jessica Evans
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5682
Mr. Don Foos
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5683
Mrs. Jessica Mather
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5686

Mrs. Jacklyn LeMaster
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5685

Mrs. Stacie McGuire
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5687 

Mr. Nate Hunt
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5684

Ms. Kate Segraves
voice: 740.393.5900 x 5680