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Mount Vernon City Schools

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Yellow Jacket Academics

The Mount Vernon City Schools is dedicated to providing opportunities for a wide range of student abilities and needs.  In a nation that prides itself in educating all students, Mount Vernon City Schools must continue to explore, develop and engage in research based educational practices that will allow all students to meet the demands of a nation that wants students ready to establish a career based on workforce development and/or college readiness.  We seek to keep our public informed of what is happening in our schools through multiple platforms of communication and welcome the dialogue and support of our community in the education process.  While the concept of public education has remained the same over the years, the mediums of instruction has transitioned dramatically.  We will continue to support student engagement through instructional tools and practices in the classroom.  Thank you for your support of our school district! 

National Merit Semifinalists

National Merit Semifinalists Mateo Pechon-Elkins, Ian Hawthorne, and Hannah Hofferberth
The National Merit Scholarship Corporation announced on September 13 that three Mount Vernon seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalists. Congratulations to Mateo Pechon-Elkins, Hannah Hofferberth, and Ian Hawthorne.
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