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Mount Vernon High School

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On behalf of the administrative team, I would like to welcome you to the 2022-23 academic year.  I believe wholeheartedly that the success of your student, and their journey at MVHS, will be dictated by the environment created academically and socially.  We are well aware of the diverse environment of our community, family dynamics, and student body and will strive to put programming in place that addresses these many different facets.  We will work tirelessly to adapt to changing trends while keeping the focus of developing the whole student at the forefront.  I would encourage you to communicate ideas and concerns to the administration.  Listed below you will find areas of responsibility for the MVHS administrative team. 

Mr. Cory Caughlan - building principal, day-to-day programming, overall guidance on discipline, attendance, scheduling, academic programming, testing, community partnerships, and events on the MVHS campus.

Mr. Justin Sanford - athletics/activities director, leadership development of our coaches/advisors and athletes.  Overall programming of our athletics/activities.  Community Partnerships for facilitating the growth of our athletics/activities programming.  Sports/building scheduling.

Mrs. Jonnah Hetzel - assistant principal, overall discipline for the building, special education oversight at MVHS, lead of building PBIS strategies/activities.

Mr. Ronald Foltz - assistant principal, overall attendance for the building, data collection facilitation, instructional practice development within the building, oversight of building leadership team/teacher-based teams.

We want to encourage an open door of communication and look forward to serving you and your student in the coming year. 


Cory Caughlan, Principal
Voice: 740-393-5900  x  5701

Jonnah Hetzel, Assistant Principal
Voice: 740-393-5900  x  5703

Ronald Foltz, Assistant Principal
Voice: 740-393-5900  x  5702

Justin Sanford, Athletics/Activities Director
Voice: 740-393-5900  x  5706