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Jackets Abroad

Teachers and students on enrichment trip in London.

A group of enthusiastic students and teachers from Mount Vernon High School have set off on a enriching summer travel abroad trip, filled with cultural discoveries and educational experiences. This program, designed to enhance global awareness and foster a deeper understanding of diverse cultures, has generated excitement among the school community and beyond.

35 students and six teachers departed last week for an expedition that includes visits to several historical and culturally significant locations across Europe. The itinerary features stops in Scotland (Edinburgh), England (York to London), and Paris, offering participants a chance to immerse themselves in the rich heritage, art, and history of these countries.

To keep parents and the broader community connected to their adventures, the students and teachers will regularly post updates in the Jackets Abroad news feed. The news will feature daily entries and photographs capturing the essence of their experiences. 

For more updates and to follow the students’ adventures, visit the MVHS Jackets Abroad travel page.

Students viewing London from atop of the London Eye.

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