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Kindergarten Enrollment


Welcome to Mount Vernon City Schools! 

There are three steps to our registration for kindergarten students new to the district for the 2021-2022 school year.  
Due to the COVID 19 situation, the Kindergarten registration process will be online.  
Registration appointments will begin in August. 
Parents will be required to complete Step 1 and Step 2 online to enroll their kindergarten students.

Select Kindergarten Enrollment Guidelines if you are having difficulty at any time.

STEP 1 - CREATE a new “OneView” parent account. Select the |FOR FAMILIES| menu at the top of the district page, and selecting the |OneView Parent Portal|.   

If you currently have a “OneView” account, access the OneView Parent Portal and log in.

If you do not have an account, select OneView Parent Portal to create a new account.

  • Once you select  |Create A New Account|, you will be asked to fill out a brief form including personal information and account access information.
  • When finished creating your account, click |Register and Begin|.

STEP 2 - COMPLETE the online registration. 

From the Parent Dashboard, select  | ADD STUDENT |.
  • Select  | New to the District |.
  • Fill out all data fields and select,  |Begin New Enrollment |.

Please fill out all information on the form. Fields that are required are highlighted in bold. When you have completed the form, click the blue |SAVE & SUBMIT| button at either the top or the bottom of the form to securely transmit your student information to the school district.
You must click the |SAVE & SUBMIT| button on the last page to finish the registration.
If you are enrolling a new student, please download the Immunization Form and the Student Health Form, or you can request a hard copy from Deb Doup at Central Office.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the completion of the District’s new online registration form.
Make sure you finish all of the pages of the online registration using a desktop or laptop computer. Do not attempt to enroll on a mobile device.

Have the following information ready:

  • home numbers and email addresses for work and home,
  • student health information,
  • emergency contact information, the names and contact numbers of two emergency contacts other than a parent(s)/guardian(s) — trusted local adults the school can contact if the parent(s)/guardian(s) cannot be reached.
During the online registration, you will also need several identification and personal documents to complete the registration.
  • Photo ID of Parent/Guardian enrolling student
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residency in one of these forms: 
    • mortgage statement
    • utility bills: gas/electric/water
    • lease
    • deed
    • property tax statement
  • Immunization Requirements
  • Current IEP/504 Plan (if applicable)
  • Current Documentation of Custody (if applicable). In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3313.67.2 and the Missing Children’s Act, the parent/guardian must provide a certified copy of the divorce decree and parenting plan allocating parental rights and responsibilities and/or other documents assigning custody or guardianship.
STEP 3 – CONTACT the building secretary will contact parents to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment. 

 Registration appointments will begin in early August.
  • Twin Oak       .... .   .   .740-393-5970
  • East                    ...      .740-393-5985
  • Columbia          . ...     740-393-5975
  • Pleasant Street    ....740-393-5990
  • Wiggin Street       ..    740-427-4262
  • Dan Emmett    ......... 740-393-5950
At the appointment in early August, the district will be confirming that the registration is complete.  This will also be a time for parents to share any health information regarding the student.

If, at any time, you have any questions regarding the registration process, contact Deb Doup at [email protected] or by phone at (740) 397-7422 ext. 6000.