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Cell Phone Survey

Mount Vernon City School District (MVCSD)
Community Engagement for Cell Phone Policy Development

Dear Parents, Students, Staff, and Community Members,

We hope this message finds you well. The Mount Vernon City School District (MVCSD) is committed to creating a safe and productive learning environment for our students. In light of the recent signing of House Bill 250 by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, which mandates that every school district in Ohio establish a policy governing cell phone usage during school hours, we are reaching out to seek your valuable input.
To develop a cell phone policy that best serves our students and community, we invite you to participate in our Cell Phone Thought Exchange. This platform will allow you to share your perspectives on student cell phone usage and engage with the thoughts of others. Your insights are crucial in helping us understand the diverse viewpoints within our district and will play a key role in shaping our policy.
Please take a moment to participate in the survey by clicking the link below:

Cell Phone Thought Exchange Link  or QR CodeQR Code for Cell Phone SurveyIn the survey, you will find a series of questions designed to gather your opinions, followed by an open-ended response section where you can share, view, and rate the thoughts of others. We understand that some questions may be difficult to answer without being in the school setting daily; for these questions, please select 'NA'.
We greatly appreciate your participation in this important process. Your feedback will help us develop a balanced and effective cell phone policy that aligns with the needs and expectations of our entire school community.
The exchange will be open for 10 days and will close on Sunday, July 14th.  We will share the survey information online and use it to assist in finalizing our cell phone policy. Thank you for your time and contributions.


William Seder Jr.
Mount Vernon City School District

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