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Dan Emmett Elementary

Excellence In Education

Kurt Roberts

Mr. Roberts

Welcome Students and Parents!

Portrait of Mr. Roberts in a black shirt with a green background
My name is Mr. Roberts and this will be you hub for all things physical education!! The easiest way to start would be to come join us for a workout on our Youtube Page!  If you do a workout at home snap a picture and email it to me! I will be posting the pictures to this page so you can show off your moves!! Be sure to subscribe because I am also posting new content to the YouTube page to follow along with! Click Here to Start!
Have an Idea for a video? Email Mr. Roberts or post it in the comments section on youtube! 
            COME YOU JOIN THE FUN ON OUR YouTubeChannel!                                  





Mission Statement:

I truly believe that everyday we are are given one real choice. We cannot choose our family, our circumstance nor can we choose what happens to us. We should continue to focus on the one thing we can control, our attitude. Your attitude is contagious to those around you, so pick a good one and have one worth catching. Or as I always say “Be Contagious”


Mr. Roberts

YouTube Channel: MVPE!
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