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Mount Vernon High School

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Glenn Peyton

Mr. Peyton

Mr. Peyton as a Boer fighter during the late-19th-century conflict in southern Africa.

If your student(s) have Mr. Peyton for a class, know that they are in good hands! He has been teaching at MVHS since 2015. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati, a MA in Theological Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a M.Ed. from The Ohio State University.  He also loves being a husband and family man with two beautiful children.
Mr. Peyton will be teaching two sections of American Government and Economics, two sections of World History, and one section of Video Production this year. Curious about what we are studying? Check the daily calendar feeds below. These will be updated regularly - often daily - to reflect what we did in class, including any assignments, etc. Mr. Peyton believes in the importance of classroom transparency. If you would like to follow what we are studying more closely, please inquire about parent access to Google Classroom. Most lessons will be available in video format, and nearly all graded assignments can be completed online, making it easy to get/stay caught up if a student misses class.

Government Daily Calendar:

World History Daily Calendar:

Video Production Daily Calendar:


Mr. Glenn Peyton
740-393-5900 ext. 5665



Google Classroom Courses:
1st Period Government/Econ
4th Period Video Production
6th Period Government/Econ
7th Period World History
9th Period World History

Course Overviews/Syllabi:


Period. Class/Activity
  1. Government/Econ
  2. Study Hall Duty
  3. HIVE
  4. Video Production
  5. Lunch
  6. Government/Econ
  7. World History
  8. Planning
  9. World History