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Cheryl Gibbs

Mrs. Gibbs

Cheryl Gibbs
Hello!  I am Mrs. Gibbs and I love to teach reading!  My fascination with reading started many, many years ago while my son was learning to read as a Kindergartner.  I thought it was nothing short of a miracle watching this happen overnight.  Luckily, years before this I had implemented a system of teaching my child the value of reading while he was very little.  When he was old enough to sit on my lap and look at pictures, we began "reading." together.  I introduced him to all the books I loved.  As he got older and began choosing his own books, he introduced me to some really amazing stories.  I am so grateful for those days when we had time to engage in really good literature.  My hope is that all families will engage the naturally curious, inventive, adventurous and imaginative minds and spirits of their children.  It is truly the gift that keeps giving through generations!

Education:  B.A degree in Psychology and in Physical Education from MVNU; Bachelor's Plus Licensure Program from Ashland University with a license in Early Childhood Education  Pre-K-3rd Grade and 4/5 Endorsement. 

Teaching Experience:  Five years reading intervention at Pleasant Street Elementary School, Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Two years  Pre-Kindergarten Teacher at JourneyKids Daycare and Preschool, Howard, Ohio.
Interests:  Reading, gardening, home decorating, being active outside, creative and funny conversations with my now adult children, hosting dinners, conversations and outings with our friends and really great meaningful, truthful, vulnerable and reflective conversations among trustworthy friends and family..or at the very least really funny conversations.
Things you didn't know:  I am married and am part of a blended family with 2 biological children, 3 step-children, and 4 grandchildren.  I had a very traditional childhood with great parents and "upbringing".  However, I've had many, many obstacles to overcome with the help of many others and relied on the core values I was taught as a child and throughout my life.  No one is perfect and you will need to do some really hard things in life to better yourself and your family.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to always be reaching beyond what life throws at you or your own physical and mental limitations.  It is worth the temporary pain to achieve your dreams.


Mrs. Gibbs

Mom reading a book with her daughter.
Phone:  740-393-5970
My favorite children's book.  Check it out!