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6th Grade is an exciting time; you're going to start a new school, meet new friends, and have new opportunities! This is your chance to BE PART of the MUSIC by joining the Mount Vernon band, choir, or orchestra!

We created this website to guide you through the sign-up process and answer questions that you or your parent might have about middle school performing ensembles. Anyone can sing or play an instrument; it doesn't matter if you're a girl or a boy, big or small, young or old! The most important part is that you start now, in 6th grade.
Friday, April 26 - Kick-off Concert! - 5th Graders will attend during the school day!
April 29 - May20 - 5th Graders will get a chance to try out their top 3 instruments at school!
Wednesday, May 22 - Parent Meetings & Sign-up at the Middle School Gym!
5:30pm - Columbia & Pleasant Street Elementaries
6:15pm - Dan Emmett & East Elementaries
7:00pm - Twin Oak & Wiggin Street Elementaries
Music does more than just make sounds, it changes the way we think and act. The skills your child will learn in music will help them be successful on the stage, in the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.

Schools that have music programs have significantly higher graduation rates than those without music programs (90.2 percent compared to 72.9 percent).

How do I get an instrument? How much is this going to cost?

This is probably the most asked question we receive, and a concern you likely have. It's important to make a quality decision regarding your student's instrument; bad decisions will lead to student frustration and wasted money. Trust us when we say the cheap online instrument is not worth it. Rent-to-own - This is what the majority of families do and we highly recommend it because you'll get a quality instrument at a reasonable price. You'll pay month to month for about 2 years. It's really easy and free to change an instrument or size (violin, viola, cello, bass). The vendors provide repair services (often at no cost or through an insurance contract) if something breaks. If you are interested in more specific prices, please see their websites. The Loft Violin Shop (string instruments) Pellegrino Music (woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments) Already-own - Please have a director or a music vendor check it out. It may be the wrong size or need repairs/replacement parts to work properly. Please talk with a director before buying an instrument at a garage sale or online. If affordability is a concern, our school-owned instruments are your best choice. School-owned - We have several instruments that can go to families that need financial assistance. There is a small yearly rental to use these instruments. Please contact a director for more information.

Will my student miss out on other classes like math or science to do band, choir, or orchestra?

No, the middle school is scheduled in class periods. Music falls into one of "unified arts" periods of the school day schedule.

Will music interfere with extra-curricular activities like clubs or sports?

No, students can do both because music happens during school and extra-curriculars happen after school! We believe that music, sports, and clubs educate the whole child and we want them to participate!

Will my student be able to do foreign language class and still do band, choir, or orchestra?

Yes, foreign language is a 9 week "unified arts" class in 6th grade. There are two "unified arts" periods in the day. One of those periods will be band/choir/orchestra for the entire year. The other period will be filled with 3-4 quarterly/semester classes like art, physical education, STEM, family and consumer science, vocational agriculture, career connections, and foreign language. Please note that 6th Grade is the only year to start an instrument.

Can I do choir and band/orchestra?

Yes, you can do both choir and band/orchestra, but it will fill up both of your "unified arts" periods for the entire year. We recommend taking only one performance ensemble if you also want to take art, physical education, STEM, family and consumer science, vocational agriculture, career connections, or foreign language.

Can I start an instrument in 7th or 8th grade?

Mount Vernon City Schools begins instrument classes in 6th grade. Starting in later grades becomes increasingly difficult because you miss out on fundamental learning. We highly recommend to start now if you are interested in learning an instrument.

You can join choir in any grade!


Please contact us if you have questions. We want to help you start a music-making journey!

Mrs. Julia Haller
Mr. Trevor Marcho
Mr. Trevor GarrabrantMr. Chris Japikse
Mr. Anthony Springer