Seminar 2018-19
The Challenge seminar group will meet eight times together this year. Students from all six elementary schools will gather together at the Board of Education building (Central Office) at 300 Newark Road.  The dates for seminar this year are: 
Thursday, September 13th - Patterns and Poetry
Tuesday, October 9th - Surprise Guest Speaker &
Coffee House Poetry Readings 
Tuesday, November 6th - Preparing for Debate
Wednesday, December 5th - High School Debate Club demonstration
                                                                                    and Seminar Student Debate 
Tuesday, January 8th
Wednesday, February 6th
Tuesday, March 5th
Wednesday, April 3rd 
Seminar is an exciting day for all our students.  We look forward to sharing these new experiences with them. 


February Seminar
This month students finalized their designs and plans for the mobile STEM lab.  Each group then created a presentation to share.  Presentations were given by all groups.  
January Seminar
January seminar brought a new experience for our program.  Students are investigating, researching and planning a mobile STEM lab.  They have interviewed teachers for needs, wants and expectations of what would be included in a STEM lab.  They explored and measured the bus.  They have discussed and collaborated. 
This is an excellent opportunity for our students to be a part of this planning and designing.  Students are experiencing the planning and research necessary to provide a new opportunity to our district.
October Seminar
 In October our classroom was turned into Coffee House for poetry readings.  Students enjoyed hot chocolate and doughnuts while listening to poetry readings.  Our guest speaker, Wendy Wolfe shared some of her poetry.  Mrs. Wolfe is a published poet and retired teacher.  Students shared their works of poetry.  It was a fun way for students to share their creativity.
September Seminar
 Our focus for September Seminar was patterns and poetry.  We began by investigating styles of poetry and the patterns that appear in the many styles.  This was followed by students beginning the creation of their own poetic masterpieces. 
The day was fantastic for a mid day recess break to have some fun outside with our friends. 

Gifted Coordinator

Mr. Don Garvic Mr. Donald Garvic
Vocie: (740) 393-6767

Gifted Intervention Specialists
Mrs. Toni Williams
Dan Emmett Elementary and Twin Oak Elementary
Mr. Mark Bohland
Pleasant Street Elementary and Columbia Elementary
Mrs. Tracy Kanuckel
Wiggin Street Elementary and East Elementary
Mrs. Esther Sadoff
Mount Vernon Middle School
Voice: (740) 392-6867 Ext. 5834
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