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ALICE Training Notification For Parents

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Dear Mount Vernon Parent/Guardian,

We hope this letter finds you and your family well as we have just completed the first semester.  We have been using the ALICE system for active intruder training for the past nine years. While we have made tremendous advancements with our training, it is important to continually practice and refine our preparedness procedures.  

We will be conducting the first of two series of ALICE training drills during the coming weeks. The first drill will focus on the first four components of the ALICE system.  We do not plan on practicing the evacuation to rally points during this first drill.  Principals will be sending out this notice a day before the scheduled drill.

The ALICE lockdown drills will include the following:

  • We will make an announcement before each drill at the elementary buildings.  We will not provide advanced notice at the middle and high schools to initiate the lockdowns.   Once the lockdown scenario has been activated, we will notify students/staff that this is a drill.
  • We will not be simulating the sounds of ‘Gun Fire’ but will have a staff member walking the building to better train those responsible for ‘Informing’ staff utilizing the cameras and PA system.
The following is a brief review of the ALICE components:

  • Alert –– An alert “Siren” will activate the lockdown, followed by instructions.
  • Lockdown – We will practice the Lockdown protocols to create a safety barrier between students and a potential intruder. 
  • Inform – Utilizing video surveillance and our PA systems, we will make some announcements related to the intruder’s description and location. This information will allow teachers to apply the ALICE tools to make decisions.
  • Counter – We will prepare to counter after the lockdown has been initiated should an intruder enter the room.
  • Evacuation – If deemed appropriate, students may be instructed to evacuate. Depending upon the weather, students may evacuate to rally points locations adjacent to the buildings.
We will conduct a similar training scenario in the spring—additional ALICE information on our website.
Student training will always be done with the students’ levels of comprehension and maturity in mind.
If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email (740)397-7422 or 
[email protected]

William Seder Jr.  

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