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Students Create Music With Technology

MOUNT VERNON, OHIO (April 1, 2024) - The Middle School Music for Life classes spent 3rd quarter using technology to create and arrange music. Here are some examples of their fantastic work!

Trailer Soundtrack
Students chose a video game trailer and created an original soundtrack, including sound effects, to accompany it. They used Soundtrap, an online Digital Audio Workstation, to arrange the music and insert sound effects at specific times. This project required creativity, attention to detail, and lots of trial and error to achieve its end goal.

Foundsound Composition
Students recorded sounds in and around school that they found interesting, then uploaded them to Soundtrap. Once there, they edited the sounds, created rhythmic patterns, and stacked the patterns with each other. Students learned new skills in each of the many steps to this project and could see very small, isolated parts come together to create something totally new and original.

Silent Movie Soundtrack
Students learned about the history of sound and music in film and then tried their hand at creating a soundtrack for a silent movie clip. They used Soundtrap to find just the right sounds to create the desired mood, then inserted sound effects to add more interest. Students enjoyed looking at where film started and felt like they were part of the production process by creating part of the viewing/listening experience.

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