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Greetings Mount Vernon City School Families,

We are excited to welcome students back for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.  Our theme for the coming school year is “Game On” in pursuit of Excellence.  In many ways the past year and a half has forced us to stop, start,  pause,  modify, and restart, doing our best to provide a quality educational experience during unprecedented and uncertain times.  We are hopeful that this year we can come together to Unite as an educational family and Ignite our passion for teaching and learning.

This letter is intended to provide you with some back to school information.  We have developed a “Back to School” Infographic to serve as a quick visual presentation on a variety of topics.  We will also address some specific topics in greater detail after the Infographic.

Back to School Infographic Link
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Specific Topics Addressed in Greater Detail:

Masking - Mount Vernon City Schools encourages and welcomes students and staff to wear a mask in school.  However, we will not mandate or require masks at this time.  As a district, we will honor the decision of parents when it comes to their child(ren) wearing or not wearing a mask in school. The decision of wearing a mask in the school buildings will be left up to each individual.  Each school will have masks available for students and staff who choose to wear one indoors. Masks will not be required for any outside school functions or events.

Conditional Masking -  While we will honor the decision of parents when it comes to their child(ren) wearing or not wearing a mask in school, we reserve the right to make adjustments when warranted.   Mount Vernon City Schools will carefully monitor student absenteeism on a weekly basis.  If absentee rates due to COVID Infection or Quarantine reach a weekly average of 20% or greater in any building, mandatory masking may be implemented until such a time the COVID absentee rate is less than 20%.  Students/Parents would be notified on Friday if masking mandates were to be implemented for the following week.  If NO notice is provided the current masking conditions will be in place for the following week and thereafter.

Masking and School Transportation - Due to a U.S. Department of Transportation and CDC order requiring masks to be worn on school buses, Mount Vernon City Schools will require students to be Masked on buses. Masks will be available for any student who needs one. Buses will be cleaned daily and windows open when feasible.

Quarantine - It is vitally important for Parents, Students, and Staff to clearly understand the Quarantine procedures.  Quarantine rules are still in effect in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3708.08 regarding contagious diseases.  Anyone who is deemed to be a close contact to someone else who tests positive for COVID may be quarantined according to the guidelines adopted by the Ohio Department of Health.  We will provide a link to the “Flow Chart” for your review.

Ohio Department of Health Quarantine Flow Chart

Bottom Line -  If you are vaccinated and/or you are wearing a mask, you will not be deemed a ‘close contact’ and will not be required to Quarantine.  Unmasked students and staff deemed a ‘close contact’ (within 6 feet of a positive case for 15 cumulative minutes during a 24 hour period) will be required to Quarantine.  It is important for parents/caregivers to understand the family impact if children are quarantined and need to remain at home.

Vaccinations - Mount Vernon City Schools encourages parents to seek additional information relative to vaccinations and carefully consider vaccinations for eligible students.  Mount Vernon City Schools will not mandate or require vaccinations for students and staff.  Working collaboratively with Knox Public Health, nearly 70% of our staff received vaccinations this past spring.  We will continue to work with Knox Public Health and provide vaccination site information to those who choose to be vaccinated.

Mount Vernon Digital Academy - We will continue to offer an online option for students in grades 6-12 through the Mount Vernon Digital Academy.  This is a Hybrid learning opportunity where students will periodically attend in-school sessions at the Board of Education Central Office classrooms while completing the majority of their work online.  Staffing and the number of students participating in the K-5 classroom at the end of the year were primary factors in the district's decision to not directly support a K-5 option this year.  If parents feel it necessary to explore online options we can assist in providing online provider information.

In Conclusion - We realize that some of these topics bring spirited debate and differences of opinions.  We will continue to model a position of ‘Respect’ for all opinions and various viewpoints.  Ultimately, we have to make difficult decisions and we realize that the decisions we make may not make everyone happy.  We simply ask that you exhibit the same level of respect regardless of our similarities or differences.

We are looking forward to an exciting year full of hope and promise as we say “Game On” in pursuit of Excellence.

Respectfully Submitted,


William Seder Jr.



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