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Biography Day

Columbia Biography Day

Second graders culminated a year of learning by showcasing their technology and research skills by presenting at the Biography Expo. Their project consisted of research, timelines, interesting facts, display boards (tri-fold), creating a slideshow, and dressing as their influential historical figure. Biographies were introduced and woven throughout the curriculum during the year. Several of the biographies the class studied as an introduction to the research project were people who were influential in Knox County (including Henry Knox and Johnny Appleseed).

Students learned how to take notes and distinguish important information from trivial events. Technology was an integral part of the projects not only in finding information but creating a slideshow of interesting facts as well. Students were taught how to find an appropriate image, background, moving pictures, and font size and color. They were instructed on how to transition slides and make their presentation loop continuously. Students also had the opportunity to present several times to other students, teachers, and parents.

The teachers, Mrs. Atkinson and Mrs. Luna said, “ It is so fulfilling to see our students ‘transform’ into a historical person from the past and take ownership of their research displayed through their projects. It’s great to see our students dressing up in character and portraying their character to crowds of students, teachers, and lots of parents.” Second Grader Ruby Krabill said, “ I had Amelia Earhart. I thought it was cool that she built a roller coaster in her backyard. She was brave like me. I liked making the slideshows of interesting facts the best. Dressing up was fun too.”

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