Mount Vernon High School Digital Academy
The High School Digital Academy is a fully accredited education center that works in tandem with the High School. We are a student centered education option that supports and embraces the diverse needs of students by providing a non-traditional method of delivering instruction and monitoring academic success. We use the APEX educational platform. Courses range from basic level to Advance Placement, in core subjects and electives.

Digital Academy Tweets
300 Newark Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050    
Phone: 740.397.7422
Fax: 740.393.5949

Digital Academy Director
Anthony Naples 
voice:  740-397-7422 x 6010
fax:  (740) 397-6018

Digital Academy Coordinator
Anthony Savage 
voice:  740-397-7422 x 6002

Digital Academy Teacher
 Frank Scutella
voice:  740-397-7422 x 5629

Digital Academy Teacher
Martha Melick
voice:  740-397-7422 x 5650

Digital Academy Teacher
Jeremy Hess
voice:  740-397-7422 x 5659

Digital Academy Teacher
Chris Smith
voice:  740-397-7422 x 5659

Digital Academy Teacher
Richard Bridinger
voice:  740-397-7422 x 5659

Intervention Specialist
Andrew Johnson
voice:  740-397-7422 x 6009

Intervention Aide
Laura Baughman 
voice:  740-397-7422 x 6010

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