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Mount Vernon City Schools communications and alerts have transitioned from KnoxAlerts to Instant Connect for 2022.  Instant Connect is a communications system that will allow us to send voice communication, text, and email to our district families. We will be using this software as our notification system for attendance, important district news, alerts, and school closings.

The first step started last year as parents of MVCSD students began receiving messages from Instant Connect through absence notifications and district COVID notifications.  Parent contact information was being pulled directly from the Student Information Systems.  At the start of each school year parents log in to the Parent Portal and update the contact information on the student’s emergency medical form. The emergency medical form is the location where phone numbers and email addresses are imported into our system.

The second step in the integration involved having MVCSD faculty and staff register for an Instant Connect Portal account to manage their district communications.

The third step in the rollout is allowing all parents, community members, and students to register their own Instant Connect Portal account in order to receive communications from Mount Vernon City Schools.  Please read the registration instructions on setting up your Instant Connect portal.  Then, select the 'Instant Connect Portal Account Registration Link' below for registration.

Instant Connect Portal Account Registration Link

Parents of Mount Vernon City School students will continue to receive information and alerts from Instant Connect as their contact information imports through our student information system.  However, if parents desire to customize their communications from MVCSD, setting up an Instant Connect Portal account is highly recommended.  Parents would have the ability to receive specific building alerts and notifications of their choice.

MVCSD communications and alerts will no longer be sent through KnoxAlerts after January 1, 2022.

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