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Visual Art

Visual Art at MVCSD

Why Art Education

Mount Vernon City Schools District firmly believes in the importance of a comprehensive art education curriculum. It recognizes that art education goes beyond the mere acquisition of skills.

First and foremost, art education provides students with a profound appreciation for the value of work. Art education instills a deep appreciation for diligence and craftsmanship, teaching students the value of effort and dedication.

Students develop fluency in the visual language by studying various art forms, techniques, and styles, enhancing their ability to interpret and communicate through visual means.

Art education equips students with a vibrant language of visual images and serves as a vehicle for conveying essential human values, fostering empathy, compassion, and respect for diverse perspectives. MVCSD believes that by providing students with opportunities for artistic expression, they can become not only skilled artists but also empathetic individuals and informed citizens prepared to contribute meaningfully to society.