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Parent Update 1/2/2022
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January 2, 2022

Greetings Mount Vernon City School Families,

2022 Happy New YearMount Vernon City Schools would like to wish you and your families a Safe and Happy New year! We have navigated through some turbulent, COVID-related, waters in 2021, we are hopeful that 2022 will bring calmer waters and a new perspective. Now is the perfect time to stop and reflect on the lessons we’ve learned this past year and use them to make a plan for the year ahead. Setting goals is a great way to start the new year.
2022 New Year’s Resolution to Consider
  1. Exercise more                               5) Taking up a new hobby
  2. Eat healthier                                  6) Spending less time on social media
  3. Find a better Work/Life Balance    7) Decorating or renovating a home
  4. Spending more time with family    8) Volunteering more or doing charity work
Inclement Weather - Calamity Days Snoopy, Linus and Charlie Brown announce a Snow Day!
The winter season will soon be upon us. Our district administration, faculty, and staff understand that our decision to open or close schools during inclement weather has a big impact on families. We also understand that our students are better served, both academically and socially, by being in school. But, as always, our top priority is the safety of our students.  We have provided a link  “School Closings and Delays - How is the Decision Made” for your review. 

When extremely cold weather has been forecasted, we often get questions about temperatures and wind chills. Temperature and/or sustained wind chills at or below -10F during peak pick-up times for buses and walking times for students are given special consideration.
Winter weather decisions can be challenging as we must take into consideration city, county, and township road conditions.   Timing is always a challenge as we check roads beginning at 4:30 am and do our best to make decisions by 5:30 am.   Please understand that conditions can change dramatically in just a few short hours. If weather conditions should worsen after our initial decision to remain open, we cannot reverse our decision in the morning without negatively impacting students and parents. 
Although we do our best in making these decisions, we realize that often no perfect decision exists due to the size and condition throughout the district. If you do not feel that it is safe for your child to get to school, use your best judgment on whether or not he or she should attend. Also, please discourage teenagers from driving in bad conditions and offer them alternatives as weather conditions worsen
We will be using ‘Instant Connect Alerts’ as our closings and delays notification system.  Please sign up at Instant Connect portal.

COVID UPDATE- Unfortunately, the Covid ‘Omicron’ variant continues to challenge us at home, COVID-19 Dashboard Linkin our community, and at school.  The daily operation of the school environment is dependent on a healthy workforce.  We will be working with KPH and monitoring our current student and staff data with the flexibility to adjust if necessary.  We have been working on educational alternatives should we find it necessary to pivot.
Current Plan: We will continue with In-person learning in a ‘Mask Optional’ environment.  We will also continue to operate under the ‘Mask to Stay - Test to Play’ guidance that was approved by state and local health officials.  The CDC has recently issued new quarantine guidance that we will be reviewing with KPH. This new guidance may necessitate some revisions to our current protocols.
We encourage parents to ‘symptom check’ their children daily and keep them at home if they are sick.   We continue to welcome and encourage students and staff to wear a mask, promote social distancing, and hand washing.
Random Act of KindnessGiving Hope Charity - A group of Mount Vernon City Schools’ transportation and maintenance employees wanted to do something special for kids, while also lifting the spirits of adults during the holidays. In 2000 they came up with an idea to give six elementary school students a Christmas to remember. With the pandemic affecting the finances of many families, they raised money for a $200 shopping spree for each student.  This year the group raised the bar securing donations to provide a $200 shopping spree at Walmart for 20 students throughout Mount Vernon city Schools. 
Families were invited to a party at Mount Vernon Middle School prior to departing on a school bus decorated as a sleigh with reindeers.  Volunteer elves escorted each student through Walmart in search of holiday gifts.  It was inspiring to see the students purchasing gifts for family members as well as themselves…”The Gift of Giving”.
Mount Vernon Transportation and Maintenance personnel with students at the Giving Hope Event.
If you are interested in learning more about ‘Giving Hope Charity’ feel free to visit them on their facebook page:  ‘Giving Hope Charity’.

 We are excited to embrace a new calendar year full of hope and optimism.  ”What will you do in 2022” will be a New Year’s resolution question that we will be challenging ourselves with moving forward.
We look forward to sharing some new educational initiatives and revisiting our Master Facility plans in future parent updates.   
May your 2022 be a blessed one…Have a wonderful week!

Respectfully Submitted - William Seder Jr.