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Pleasant Street Elementary Ceiling and Lighting Project Bids 
Scope of Project:

Contractor is responsible for furnishing all materials, equipment and labor necessary to:
Pleasant St. Elementary, 305 E. Pleasant St., Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Pleasant Street Floor Plan Ceilings.pdf
  • Coordinate with owner for fixture removals and reinstalls
  • Installing new acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Remove sprayed on ceiling material from walls
  • Ceiling tiles 
    • Armstrong 942 24” x 48” x 5/8” class A fire
  • Grid and suspension system
    • Attachment devices – type recommended by the suspension system manufacturer for attachment or anchorage of ceiling hangers to structure above ceiling
    • Hanger wire: gauge –provide wire sized so that stress is three times hanger design load
    • Provide 18g galvanized wire to hand recessed lighting fixtures, 2 per each fixture
  • Remove existing light fixtures
  • Install flat panel LED fixtures no less than 35K multi-volt.
  • Provide “T” bar supports for recessed lights
  • Type of system – standard direct-hung suspension system 15/16”
  • Finish of exposed members: provide uniform factory applied finish on exposed surface of ceiling suspension system including moldings, trim and accessories to match ceiling tile color
  • Avoid damage to any of the fixtures, registers, ductwork, projectors and other equipment
  • Contractor is also responsible for the following:
    • Providing own lift or scaffolding as necessary
    • Observe OSHA safety guidelines
    • Leaving area clean and properly disposing of all debris
  • Location will be open for viewing June 14th and 21st 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.
    1. The name and address of the bidder and the date of opening must be shown on the sealed envelope containing each bid.
    2. The bidder in signing is complying with the provisions of O.R.C. 5719.042, in swearing that he has no delinquent personal property taxes, as required by the State Auditor.
    3. All prices must be firm for a period of ninety (90) days.  Bids cannot be corrected after bids are opened.  Bidders must deliver at prices quoted even if prices quoted are in error.
    4. Federal monies will afford these projects; therefore, bids should include Davis-Bacon wages (prevailing wage).
    5. Bidders shall accompany their bids with a bid bond, certified check, or cashiers check made payable to the Board of Education, Mount Vernon City School District, in the amount of 5% of the bid submitted.
    6. Federal and State taxes should not be included.
    7. The purchaser may accept or reject any or all bids.   The purchaser may waive defects in the form of the bid when no prejudice will result to the rights of any bidder or the public.
    8. The final bid price considered will be calculated as follows: base price, plus selected options, equals final price.
NOTE: Sealed bids to be delivered to Treasurer of Board, 300 Newark Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050 by 12:00 noon, June 23, 2021.
Sealed bids will be received in accordance with the law until 12:00 (noon) local time on Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at the Board of Education Office, 300 Newark Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio for ceiling and lighting projects.  Specifications and instructions to bidders may be found at or picked up in the Board of Education Office, 300 Newark Road, Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Inquiries in regard to the bid should be directed to Rick Shaffer, Director of Maintenance via email at [email protected] or by phone at (740)397-7422 ext. 6707.
The board reserves the right to reject any and all bids or parts of bids and to waive any informality in the bids received.
Mount Vernon Board of Education
Gary Hankins, Treasurer
Publish dates: 6/08/2021, 6/23/2021
Internet publish dates: 6/08/2021, 6/23/2021