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Our UnBEElievable Middle School Spellers!

6th, 7th, and 8th grade spelling bee winners and runners up

On Tuesday, November 16, some of our middle schoolers competed in the annual MVMS Spelling Bee.  
Our 6th graders began the competition with 17 spellers.   Spelling lasted 9 rounds with Grace Mensching being bested by the word "tartan" and Mason Tocheff sealing the deal for our 6th grade with the word "technique"!   
Next up were our 7th grade spellers that went 11 rounds of NAILBITING competition.  In the final round, Lizzie Shull misspelled the word “cardigan” while Jonathan Green scooped the win for the 7th grade with the word "suduko"!
Finally, the 8th grade were ready to spell it out!  This intense competition went 28 ROUNDS!  Our final two competitors, Natasha Jose and Maraiah Workman, were spelling it out word after word after word.  Maraiah succumbed with the word "bolster” and Natasha became the 8th grade winner with the word “certificate”.
Congratulations Mason Tocheff, Jonathan Green, and Natasha Jose!  
Our Champs will be headed to the County Spelling Bee in January, with the runners up ready to step in if needed.

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