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Mount Vernon High School

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Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis


Ms. Lewis standing at the Grotte di Catullo
I am a graduate of Mount Vernon High School. I was inspired by my Latin teacher, Mary Jo Behrensmeyer, and am honored to be able to take over the Latin program and teach in her classroom!
For my undergrad degree, I attended Xavier University, where I received a BA in Classics. I had the opportunity to work on an archaeological survey on the island of Kea in Greece. In order to complete my degree, I wrote and published a thesis on Roman Mosaics.
For my graduate degree, I attended Villanova University, where I received a MA in Classical Studies with a concentration in Latin.
Previously, I taught Latin for a year in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, I have worked as a Park Ambassador and Guest Service Supervisor at Cedar Point, as well as a Guest Service Supervisor at Kings Island. 


Phone:   740-393-5900 ext. 5612


Period 1- Latin II Section 1
Period 2- Latin II Section 2
Period 3- HIVE
Period 4- Plan
Period 5- Latin III/AP Latin
Period 6- Lunch
Period 7- Latin I
Period 8- Plan
Period 9- Global Scholars