Social Studies Department

Debate AP Comparative Government & Politics Sports and Society
United States History Psychology KAP Amercan History
World History Regional and Cultural Geography Senior Social Studies


Jan Quinn     ext. 5926
Department Chair | Psychology | Senior Social Studies

Rob Fetters  ext. 5652
KAP American History | Freshman Social Studies

Kurt Kaufman  ext. 5623
World Studies | Freshman Social Studies

Matt Smith  ext. 5645
U.S. History | U.S. History Fundamentals | Sports and Society

David Caldwell  ext. 5665
World Studies | Senior Social Studies

Jeff Gottke ext. 5656

World History | AP Comparative Government| Debate
Ashley Chapman ext. 5628

World History | Regional and Cultural Geography
Joe Rucker ext. 5665
U.S. History | World History

Julie Grinstead ext. 5640

Freshman Social Studies | World History | Senior Social Studies




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