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MVCSD Thought Exchange
Welcome to a conversation about the facilities of Mount Vernon City Schools.  

Thought Exchange is an online tool designed to engage conversation about important topics.  We invite you to share your thoughts about our school facilities. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts around this question:
What are some things that you appreciate about our current facilities, and what opportunities do you see as we develop future plans to improve our school buildings?

Please feel free to offer as many thoughts as you deem appropriate.

You will then have an opportunity to see the thoughts of others and rate them - the STAR phase. We recommend that you rate a minimum of 30 thoughts by assigning stars,  the more stars you assign, the stronger you agree with a particular thought.  This process is anonymous and confidential.

We have also completed a “School Facility Grade Card” consisting of some historical and demographic information as well as 14 facility components for your review.  The grades assigned are “S" for Satisfactory and “R” for Repair/Renovate/Replace.  We have linked a copy of the "School Facility Grade Card" to this exchange in the hopes that it too may generate some thoughts. We have also posted the grade card to our website.

You are encouraged to log in to the exchange often and revisit all three steps (Share, Star, Discover) adding, reviewing and rating thoughts as you go. The exchange will be open for two weeks, ending on Monday, November 12.

Please join the conversation and share your Thoughts as we strive for EXCELLENCE.  To go directly to the Thought Exchange, click the buttonThought Exchange button to help us DISCOVER what is important to you, both in your school and within Mount Vernon City School District.