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MVHS Schedule Adjustment for 2019-20
In an effort to better serve our students academically as well as provide greater flexibility in course choices during the day, we will be altering our schedule to align with the start/end times of the Middle School as well as move our HIVE period for academic interventions and enrichment into the middle of the scheduled day.
Starting in the fall we will be going to a 9 period schedule.  Start time for school will be 7:40 and end time will be 2:36 to align with the start and stop times for the middle school.  It allows for consistency in drop off and pick up times as well as a general common start and end time for before and after school activities, meetings, etc..

The challenges of the high school schedule seem to focus on even distribution of students in academic classes, course conflicts due to teacher and students having conflicting schedules during lunch, and also the number and size of study halls in the theater over lunch periods. 
Our lunch periods will not see any academic classes running during that time.  Instead, we will have HIVE and Lunch running simultaneously in the middle of the day.  Freshman will eat lunch one period and Sophomores will eat lunch the other period.  Sophomores will have HIVE while the Freshman eat lunch and then Freshman will eat lunch and Sophomores will have HIVE.  Juniors will be distributed evenly between the two Lunch/HIVE times and teachers will be assigning students to their HIVE based on grade level and academic need.  This will allow for our CBI, Dual School and College Credit Plus students a time more flexible to their work/class/lab schedule to see a teacher in HIVE if needed in the middle of the day.  HIVE will be treated as any other class in terms of the four minute class change to and from HIVE and regular attendance rules.   This schedule change will also allow lunch to begin at a later hour as opposed to starting at 10:15 AM.

SENIORS who meet the grade/attendance/ discipline standards for HIVE will have the incentive/privilege of an OPEN LUNCH, meaning that students may have the option to go home or to one of our many wonderful local food establishments for lunch during the HIVE/LUNCH period.  Normal attendance procedures apply and all seniors must get approval of parents in order to leave the school for this lunch incentive/privilege.  I will be creating a form for seniors to take home to have parents fill out for the start of the 2019-20 academic year.  Senior students are expected to remember that the lunch incentive is a PRIVILEGE,  and if there are issues out in our public establishments regarding the respectful citizenship of our students it can be removed and students can stay in the building for the school lunch offering.   
We are excited about this new schedule and the potential to eliminate more of the schedule conflicts that arise with our students and their many interests in terms of educational opportunities offered at MVHS.  More importantly, we want to provide as much support as possible for students that need a little extra help and along with our HIVE period, will have content specific teachers available each period for academic intervention during student study halls. 
Thank you for your continued support of MVHS and working with us in offering/creating rewarding educational opportunities for students.