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MVHS In The Know takes down Bexley

Left to right: Nick Grega, Jordan Treber, Mr. Fetters, Jacob Lebold,  Alaina Pullins
Chicago, commerce, 1803, adjective, Canton, 5th Amendment, FAQ, Sweden, Switzerland, throne, Ford, DNA, Johnson & Johnson, Jon Husted, Holst, $40.  These are some of the answers the Mount Vernon In The Know academic quiz bowl team answered correctly at the beginning of the match at WOSU at Ohio State University's Fawcett Center.  Their opponent: Bexley High School.  Bexley was the In The Know Champion 2 years ago and a semi-finalist last year, making it to the final four.  
Mr. Fetters did not mention that to his team, instead he encouraged them to guess a lot, to never not have a guess, especially if the other team already missed a question.  And he reminded them of waiting to hear the rest of the question if the other team rings in first and misses it.  "Remember, we have practiced every week this whole year.  We are ready for this."  At halftime, Bexley had 120 points and Mount Vernon had 285.  Telepathy, 19th Amendment, Senators Portman and Brown, 84%, Sinclair Lewis, 8, William Tell, Betsy DeVos, 3rd person, Neptune. 
Senior Jacob Lebold was on fire, leading the team in questions answered and points, but Freshman Nick Grega, Sophomore Alaina Pullins, and Senior Jordan Treber all did their part too.  Everyone on the team contributed as the underdog, Mount Vernon, knocked top-ranked Bexley out of this seeded tournament bracket in the first round 565 to 460.  Mount Vernon advances to take on Thomas Worthington in the 2nd round.