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Mrs. Miller in her Office

Welcome to Twin Oak Elementary!

 Twin Oak Elementary School, home of the Red-Tailed Hawks, was created when two older schools, Elmwood Elementary and West Elementary, which were very different academically and economically, came together.  The new school was built on a historic site that originally had two oak trees grafted together to mark a Native American gathering spot. The original tree was struck by lightning several years ago, but the staff planted new trees to carry on the tradition.  The original staff members worked hard to make the transition for the K-5 students seamless and they did a great job! Thirteen years later, the Twin Oak students are more alike than different and all students have been recognized for their academic success and school spirit.


Twin Oak still has a dedicated staff and highly caring volunteers who work together developing projects that make learning new and different. This school year, third and fourth graders are starting  their own Twin Oak Foundation in order to give back to their school community.  Using funds earned through a Project Based Learning economics project, the founding members of the Twin Oak Foundation will soon be accepting applications which will better our school.  A recent donation of a greenhouse has opened opportunities for the students to use the discarded food materials collected daily in the school cafeteria.  The compost will be used to cultivate plants that will be the basis of still another PBL project. Across the grades, the students are learning through hands on experiences in the school and the community.  Watch the Twin Oak monthly newsletters to learn more about how our students will soar academically this year. 

It does take a village...the Twin Oak staff, Twin Oak families, and community members working together to ensure that all children are successful and provided the opportunities necessary to reach their true potential.   The Twin Oak learning community is dedicated to children and their learning as well as their social and emotional growth.   Twin Oak is passionate about being the best opportunity for students every day.  Twin Oak is a great place for great kids!


Sue Miller, Twin Oak Principal 


Suzanne Miller

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