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My name is Amy Ballard. I am the full time Intervention Specialist at Wiggin Street Elementary.  Every year, I learn a great deal from the children who work with me.  
I have been at Wiggin Street Elementary for 14 years and with Mt. Vernon City School for 15 years as an Intervention Specialist.  I have a Master's Degree in Education, a Master's in Social Work, and a Bachelor's in Psychology.  
A student’s Evaluation Team Report (ETR) and Individual Education Plan (IEP) are the driving forces as to what interventions a student receives. For phonics based interventions, I use the Wilson Reading Program or Wilson Fundations depending upon the grade of the child.  If comprehension is more of the issue, then I would utilize the Leveled Literacy Program or the interventions in the Journeys Program.  For math, I use Touch Points, Problem Solving, or the interventions in the GoMath Program.  Often I will supplement the programs with more practice to make sure that a student understands the concepts.  Interventions occur in the school environment, the classroom or the resource room.  This again depends upon the needs of the child and the IEP.  The teachers and I work closely to ensure that your student is receiving the services they need. 
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