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Michele Dallas

Michele Dallas has been a resident of the Mount Vernon area since 1988 where she has enjoyed raising her family. She has taught Kindergarten in River View School District and 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th grades in Mount Vernon for many years. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University and a master’s degree from Ashland University. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and watching basketball. Her goal is to help all her students reach their full potential while having fun!

What are we learning?

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 Student Work Bag: Week 3

(assigned for week beginning March 30)

All can be accessed through Google Classroom and classpage.  Please do a day’s worth of work each day so that all assignments are complete and submitted by Saturday, April 4th. 


-Read 20 minutes each day for 4 days. 

-Write a letter to your teacher (in google classroom) about your book on Friday 4/3.

-Writing Assignment (Google Classroom) on Monday, 3/30.

- Kahoot! Challenge:  Author’s Purpose on Tuesday, 3/31.


-Day 1: Chapter 10 Review/Test in Go Math Book for practice, pages 411-414, #1-19.  Keep it in the book. THEN Complete Chapter 10 Practice Test online in Think Central for a grade. 

-Day 2: Chapter 10 Online Test, Form A in Think Central

-Days 3-5: Khan Academy Assignments online. Click Notifications button in the top right corner of your screen. You have 4 videos to watch and 3 sets of questions to answer (15 total questions.)  Then Reflex Math.

Social Studies/Writing-

-ReadWorks article and questions: ”Colonization and Revolutionary War: Background to the Colonies” 


-ReadWorks article and questions- “Wild About Birds” 

Read aloud - Listen to one recording each day. I’m sure you want to know how The Million Dollar Shot ends!!!


Student Work Bag: Week 2

(assigned for week beginning March 23 and due on March 30)

Reading- Complete Independent Reading Log in Google Classroom. If you don’t have a book, you can go to and scroll down to BookFlix. There are many books to choose from!

Math- Complete Lessons 10.6 and 10.7 in your Go Math Book. Leave these assignments in your book. A completion grade will be taken when we return to school.

-Complete 3 Study Island math practice sessions online. Remember to retake each practice session until you get a 70% or higher.

Session 1: “Angles”

Session 2: “Points, Lines, Line Segments, and Rays”

Session 3: ”Two- Dimensional Figures”

Writing- Storyworks magazine Opinion Writing (Feb. issue) “Should You Invite Everyone to Your Birthday Party?” This magazine can be found in your student work bag. You can also read it online following the Storyworks link: Password: Dallas4.

Day 1: Read and mark the text for both sides. Plan your prewrite.

Day 2: Write a draft of your multi paragraph essay. Edit and revise your writing. Be sure to follow the guidelines in Google Classroom.

Day 3: Type your entire essay into Google Classroom and “Submit”.

Social Studies- “The Amazing Flying Machine”: Readworks article and questions in Google Classroom.

Class Meeting- Add to News, Celebrations, Wish Wells, and Tootles (compliments). This is just like our class meeting!

Music- Mrs. Ackert has posted the following music assignment:

Physical Education- Mr. Clinger posted an introduction to juggling video:

Good luck and as always do your best work!
Mrs. Dallas 


Math homework will be assigned about four times a week. Students should read twenty minutes each night.  Students will get new spelling words on Wednesday and be tested the following Tuesday. Please study for spelling over the weekend. Parents, please sign the agenda each night, Monday through Thursday. Your signature lets me know that they have read for 20 minutes each night. 

School: (740) 393-5970 Ext. 6505 
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