Mission Statement and Twin Oak History
Twin Oak Elementary School
The Twin Oak Elementary School community is committed to meeting the needs of each student and providing a quality educational environment that upholds a high standard of student and teacher performance, fosters good citizenship, and instills the value of being a life-long learner.
Twin Oak Elementary School is a 400-student facility located on State Route 586, Martinsburg Road, south of town. Our K-5 facility serves the educational needs of the students who attended West Side Elementary and Elmwood Elementary. Twin Oak is the first elementary school built in the Mount Vernon District since the construction of Pleasant Street Elementary in 1958. The construction of Twin Oak Elementary was funded through reserve funds prudently set aside by the Board of Education throughout the past ten years.

Twin Oak Elementary School is named in honor of the famed twin oak tree which was located on the fruit farm of the W.C. Rockwell family. Legend has it that this tree was really two oak trees grafted together by the local Native American tribe. It marked the spot where the Native Americans would meet before proceeding to the nearby Kokosing for their councils. Legend also says the tree sheltered generations of wedding ceremonies because it symbolized the joining of two people in marriage. The historic tree stood for over 300 years until a 1945 tornado toppled the oak. The Rockwell’s farm continued the legend by naming their farm “Twin Oak”. Now the legacy has been passed to a new generation through our school. The Twin Oak students have preserved the memory and honor of the history of our region by planting a new “twin oak” for the 21st century. A beautiful symbol of the historic tree has also been engraved in the entry hallway floor of Twin Oak to remind us of this part of history in Mount Vernon.
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